Short Description

The conference is organized by the research group GDR Géométrie Non Commutative, and the ANR Project SingStar.

It will take place in Lyon at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 from June 1 to 5, 2015.     

The purpose of this conference is to survey recent applications of Noncommutative Geometry in topology and geometry. Topics include :

- Groupoids and singular foliations,

- Recent advances in index theory,

- Mapping surgery to analysis,

- Positive Scalar Curvature problem,

- Secondary invariants ...

A series of mini-courses given by U. Bunke, P. Piazza and G. Skandalis will be accessible to graduate and post-doc students.



Registration is closed

Financial support

UPDATE (April 7, 2015) : Financial suppport (for both travel expenses and accomodation) is no longer available. However, it is still possible to apply for it until deadline, in case other participants cancel their venue.

For those who registered before April 7, the conference will cover accomodation for sure. For participants who asked for travel expenses, we will come back to you soon.



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